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ScoopTheWeb Newsroom is a news aggregation program
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ScoopTheWeb Newsroom is a news aggregation program that offers much more than a simple news reading application. It has been designed with the idea of integrating the search and management of news topics into one single program, thus avoiding the need of using separate applications, RSS readers, or manual web browsing, and saving hours of work. It will be of great use to writers, editors, journalists, website administrators, bloggers, and those whose job is writing newsletters, articles, and other web publications.

ScoopTheWeb checks the websites of your choice for latest news and updates at a user-specified interval. The headlines will appear in a navigation panel called timeline that shows only the latest content. If you click any of these headlines, the application will open the corresponding website using the integrated web browser. You can use the search field to filter the results, and when you find stories of your interest, you can save them for later editing simply by clicking the Scoop button. Doing so will save your favorite stories so you can edit them and start creating your own articles without leaving the program.

Using the Scoop Alerts you can specify the time interval at which websites will be scanned and set alerts that can appear in the form of pop-up messages. You can also organize websites into groups depending on their update frequency.

The program's interface is organized and functional. The workspace is divided into three panels with web feed subscriptions to the left, the timeline in the center, and the web browser to the right, making the process seamless, intuitive, and easy to carry out.

In short, ScoopTheWeb Newsroom is a comprehensive and powerful program that lets you have all the information of your interest the moment you want. Not only can you search news fast, but also read and edit them, and even write and post your articles from within the program.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Saves you hours of work
  • Integrates all the tools needed to work with news
  • User-friendly interface


  • GUI looks a bit dated
  • A Help file or manual would be useful
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